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broken tool

February 18, 2014

“after internet, abuse could become a default approach to technology. to technological means of representation in particular.
ubiquitous amateur extruder machines may be regarded as dull interfaces between virtual junk and plastic debris. on the other hand they offer cheap and easy access to direct material manipulation and can therefore be turned into monstrous yet valid bypass between desire of saturation and limited bandwidth of digital modeling, delivering multiscale depth beyond the flat screen.”

or simply: it’s an established method of any avant-garde to appreciate media for what they can become.

last december workshop for Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program @ dieAngewandte with Alext Karaivanov

interface screenshot

above is a screenshot from the app/interface i made in order to explore generative manipulation of makerbot gcode

below few student work samples

by Joao Azougado


by Rafael Sanchez Herrera

check their blogs for more.