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saccades [ kiesler tribute]

February 20, 2014




my humble tribute to Friedrich Kiesler and at the same time a study of several, possibly non-trival approaches to architectural drawing:
using an interactive generative-hand sketching app [ ginger 2.0 ]
and  immediately turning it’s rough, unprocessed output into first-person perspective interactive walkthrough,
which in turn records visitors paths together with sets of points upon which their gaze rests.
visualising these records becomes an intricate map of the not-yet-existing environment perceived and navigated through.
this project’s output consists of series of apps, data visualisations as high quality prints and 3dprinted models.





please check this flickr set for better quality images

thanks to Sahand [ Department of Adequate Images ]

generative hand-made

November 19, 2013

while waiting for proper documentation of the recent work, here is a short description of the general trajectory and current focus:

generative hand-made is an ordering principle and design method appreciating immediate, intuitive decision making enabled by interaction with dynamic, generative design environment. refering back to surrealist automatic [iterative] drawing and engaging designer in a focused conversation, it gains consistency by strategicaly leaving certain parameters as indeterminate while following internal, systematic constrains of the design environment.

this definition is still rather blurry unfortunatelly. will improve.

examples below were created with ‘gaudism’ and ‘ginger’ apps



cuffs are an early but promissing attempt to collaborate with amazing goldsmiths at HENWOOD arcane


before i can publish better pics, the 3d file can be looked at in the browser here

ginger 2.0

May 28, 2013

along with other ‘speculative apps’ [check this post for more info] comes “ginger”.  it’s a mixture of 3d feedback drawing and browsing for patterns within comb-like filtered noise space [similar to gaudism ]

this preview focuses on the rendering method i developed recently – per vertex fake ambient occlusion used for shifting local hue, saturation and brightness values. at the moment almost ridiculously slow, but gives me hope to introduce techniques of creating depth borrowed from watercolour painting.. kind of.

g01 g02 g03

and just to keep the proper amount of geekiness – here is a screencast from the app:

much more on the ‘speculative apps’ topic very soon