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new things new site !

October 16, 2020

this site is an archive of my work. current website:

generative hand-made

November 19, 2013

while waiting for proper documentation of the recent work, here is a short description of the general trajectory and current focus:

generative hand-made is an ordering principle and design method appreciating immediate, intuitive decision making enabled by interaction with dynamic, generative design environment. refering back to surrealist automatic [iterative] drawing and engaging designer in a focused conversation, it gains consistency by strategicaly leaving certain parameters as indeterminate while following internal, systematic constrains of the design environment.

this definition is still rather blurry unfortunatelly. will improve.

examples below were created with ‘gaudism’ and ‘ginger’ apps



cuffs are an early but promissing attempt to collaborate with amazing goldsmiths at HENWOOD arcane


before i can publish better pics, the 3d file can be looked at in the browser here

afad.labarch midterm review

December 7, 2011

freestyle.hacking the building industry” is the studio i’m running currently @AFAD in Bratislava, invited by prof. Imro Vasko.

it’s an opportunity to run couple of parallel experiments on actuall content as well as on teaching itself [resulting from my difficult experiences with masterclass system and observations on unit setup as well as technical university‘s seriousness].

i’m very excited about amazing current work [check presentations!], studio atmosphere and great people i meet there. looking forward.


January 25, 2011

browsing through recursive noise space and exploring glitches in the new volumeutils.
+ some screenshots from the app used to search for interesting settings to be used in the time-extruded version.

parameters are responsible for noise scaling (both dimensions + change rate) as well as contour thresholds.

more pics on flickr



June 20, 2010

one of my obsessions: linking what i learned from my masters  ( Masahiro Miva, toxi, S.Lem) and imagining ways of constructing (both conceptually and physically)  inhabitable environments.

form is understood as a record of a game between collaborating individuals.hope that leads towards more efficient understanding of formal activities then the current, representation based approaches.


March 11, 2010

last year exercise. bar for crazy Angewandte parties that somehow don’t take place anymore. inspired/generated by autonomous agents trajectories.

with Sille Pihlak