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snow crash

February 26, 2012

further exploration of effects resulting from scale alteration: oscilating patterns of bz reaction as well as color interferences become more readible. it is as well evident, that this is just a sample within a bounding box.


open architecture open design

October 29, 2010

o_a_o_d is an initiative using already functioning social network services to link methods, tools and techniques with their effects and back.
this way we are building a networked body of multiple feedback loops between makers, users and spectators while blurring these categories.

it is focused on custom tools creation, evolution and evaluation since these can be shared with broader communities and -if proven useful-assist bottom-up design and building processes.

this should be understood as a beginning of larger cross-software platform. hope it is going to happen soon.

enter open architecture

toxiclibs showreel 2010

October 13, 2010

toxi makes one more step towards redefining how architects [and other digitally-creative people] might work very soon. tiny but beautiful.



June 20, 2010

one of my obsessions: linking what i learned from my masters  ( Masahiro Miva, toxi, S.Lem) and imagining ways of constructing (both conceptually and physically)  inhabitable environments.

form is understood as a record of a game between collaborating individuals.hope that leads towards more efficient understanding of formal activities then the current, representation based approaches.

Hong Kong Porn

May 20, 2010

Recent collaboration with Steven Ma. We are an odd couple i have to say… 2nd prize… anyways:)

Competition results here.


team:Steven Ma (leading member), Wendy Fok, Dominik Strzelec

turkish delight

October 16, 2009

pushing rhinoscript towards almost ridiculous performance:

1.input geometry[maya-made shape] gets voxelised

2.decisions about program distribution are made

3.internal organization is created upon the voxel structure

4.output of the system is a model with adjustable level of saturation

with Julian Fors and Jan Gronkiewicz

published in AD Exuberance

how to make things with words

October 16, 2009

that was a lot of fun (with Galo) and a real struggle (with Roche).¬† metaphor within metaphor within metaphor that’s what it is… i really love fairy tales, but i guess i’m not cynical. more about this project here.

with Galo Moncayo