1982 born in Kielce, Poland

1996-2000 profiled highschool [languages: english, french, german, latin, ancient greek]


2000-2004 Philosophy, Warsaw University

2003-2006 Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology

2006-2013 Architecture, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

[studio Wolf Prix, studio Francois Roche, thesis studio Zaha Hadid]

professional experience:

2003-internship at the Office of Regional Planning in Kielce, Poland

2004-2006 collaboration with Centrala Designers Task Force, Warsaw

[construcion of OHEL Pavilion for Museum of Polish Jews in Warsaw, multiple competitions and conceptual projects]

2007-2010 participation in multiple projects at Coop Himmelblau, Vienna

[parametric/generative design, procedural urbanism research, sustainable urban design]

[coding BraincityLab exhibition at Venice Biennale 2009 with D. Minovsky and L. Kulnig]

2008 work with Stiefel-Krammer, Vienna

[West Cork Arts Center Competition, Ireland]

2009 work with Rainer Pirker ArchiteXture, Vienna/Shenzhen

[Shenzhen University Campus, China]

2010 Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities Competition 2nd place

[with Steven Ma and Wendy Fok]

2011 ‘fusion/freestyle wandering maschine’ [with Galo Moncayo]: exhibition at SternStudio, Vienna

2011 founding ‘open architecture open design’ web platform

2013 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Geneve 2014-interior design for Roger Dubuis [with Guillaume Mace]

2013 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Geneve 2014-material research and prototypes for Roger Dubuis

2014 work for BUS Architektur, Vienna

2015 oddEquipment, co-founder, Vienna

teaching experience:

2010 ‘lookAround’ workshop [with Galo Moncayo]: dieAngewandte, Vienna

[physical computing, generative graphics]

2009-2010 assistant at Excessive Hernan Diaz Alonso Postgraduate Program: Urban Strategies, Vienna

2009-2010 assistant at Gaming Postgraduate Program: Urban Strategies, Vienna

2010 ‘Imagination/Creativity/Learning’ seminar: BrainCityLab Postgraduate Program, Urban Strategies, Vienna

[issues of system’s theory, maschine learning, emergence, generative design]

2010 ‘grow!’ workshop: Excessive 2 Postgraduate Program, Urban Strategies, Vienna

[generative sketching]

2010 lecture and workshop at ZONASA 2010, Kollam College of Engineering, Kerala, India

[open source architecture, generative design]

2011-2013 assistant proffessor at Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia.

[studio projects: ‘freestyle.hacking the building industry’ , ‘’,’]

2011-2013 ‘how to make things with words’ seminar, AFAD, Bratislava

[generative form finding in architectural design]

2012 lecture at PechaKucha, Bratislava, Slovakia

2012 panel discussion at Rese-Arch, Vienna, Austria

2012 panel discussion at Rese-Arch, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 lecture and jury at CtrlShift workshop [co-de-it + rese-arch], Vienna, Austria

2013 ‘machining mistreated’ workshop: Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program, Vienna, Austria

[beyond reproduction -creative potentialities of 3d printing technology]

2014 ‘odd equipment’ workshop: The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London

[networked nature of custom design apps]

2014 ‘generative handmade’ workshop: re.code.nature, Prague

[intuitive sketching within interactive environments – custom design apps]

2014, ongoing  ‘generative handmade’ seminar, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

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