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turkish delight

October 16, 2009

pushing rhinoscript towards almost ridiculous performance:

1.input geometry[maya-made shape] gets voxelised

2.decisions about program distribution are made

3.internal organization is created upon the voxel structure

4.output of the system is a model with adjustable level of saturation

with Julian Fors and Jan Gronkiewicz

published in AD Exuberance


October 16, 2009

October 16, 2009

voxelizing the fish

October 16, 2009

study of possible performances of a homogenous folded space. and then application: trying to inhabit the dinosaur-fish.

explanation of the procedure. shape-pointcloud-set operations-voxels-shape interpretation.

since voxelisation process is recursive in this case, there is an option to use oc-tree like addressing instead of sets.

i wouldn’t treat it to serious though…

how to make things with words

October 16, 2009

that was a lot of fun (with Galo) and a real struggle (with Roche).  metaphor within metaphor within metaphor that’s what it is… i really love fairy tales, but i guess i’m not cynical. more about this project here.

with Galo Moncayo