June 10, 2012

yet another take on my long term obsession of multiple generative processes creating a fused body, while maintaining their respective specificities  on the peripheries. although there are no preconceived organs: no spines, no lungs, no heart – observing carefully one can notice localy repeating organisational patterns. did architecture acknowledged spectralism already?

these are some pictures from last years show @Sternstudio in Vienna.

more: related flickr set

2 Responses to “fusion”

  1. Nika Tzo Fikouki Fika Says:

    to quote what once you’ve said: “the nature of truth is hyperaesthetic”

    • echoechonoisenoise Says:

      hmm.. wonder what was it that i meant by that 😀 hopefully i was not talking about “the truth”.. these three notions in a single sentence usually result in real monstrosities.. maybe it was about perceiving patterns [after reading Hawkins] – so wholes of great saturation and complexity, judgment of which we tend to call intuition just because the logical aparatus evolved around words and not pictures or events.
      in any case it confirms my suspicion, that i’m a random poetry [hopefully at least sometimes] generator.

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