February 8, 2012

taking the idea of open-source communities becoming visible and contributing to the large scale material culture a little further:

if we can create objects, movies and small scale instalations entirely based on microdonations, would it be possible to seriously think of crowd-financed buildings?  distributed investments oriented towards community goals?

maybe there is already a totaly new economy enabling architecture and therefore completely new audience… or the other way around.

if architecture mirrors existing power structures and creates spatial order representing socio-political hierarchies, it’s worth investigating how could it look like and how would it be made in these new circumstances.

this is a first sketch for a large hub in berlin, based on noInput sketches and fusion series shapes. refering to Woods’s “berlin free zone” project, it proposes diverse, yet indetermined spaces requiring creative effort in order to be inhabited. one cannot move in with old furniture:)

more photos on flickr. this is a beginning of a series. comming soon.

2 Responses to “hackerspaces//superheroschools”

  1. ania royek Says:

    This belongs to Olam Ha-Ba. The Next Forthcoming World in the big-golem cycle. So I assume it may take 208 of this world to resume, then 1k years of non-existence and let’s say ca. 50-100 years for preparing new start up kit to create this on massive scale.

    What I mean is that OLD FURNITURE is called INERTIA

    otherwise chapeu bas

    • echoechonoisenoise Says:

      thx. hope 1k is a misscalculation 🙂 maybe the network speeds up the heartbeat, the oscilation a little. just looking at the current politics sort of repeating the 30s… i’m wrong i hope.
      old furniture are old habits, so something that you indeed cannot really change. you can hopefully trash it and start from scratch.

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