shape/memory #2

August 29, 2010

recording CA unfolding with time as z-axis. these are not illustrations to Meyrink’s famous book:) but ambition they represent seems to be tragic in a very much related way.

again thanks to toxi.

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6 Responses to “shape/memory #2”

  1. Ania Rojek Says:

    I like the one with concentric circles – abulafian perspective still dominates. Instead of Meyrinck I would rather see here connotations to Cthulhu’s entities. Or Mi-Go mushrooms, that, according to McKenna, are responsible for hominization process of primates (yes, psylocibine out of space, perserved on cosmic way in spores, then eaten by monkeys, changed their brains and as a form of mammal-mushroom symbiosis created man). Anyway, the tragedy is there, that’s certain.

    • echoechonoisenoise Says:

      actually all of them share “concentric-circle principle”. that’s how the space inside is organized. what appears on the surface results from an arbitrary decision of creating observable entities and establishing a kind of threshold to limit their expansion. otherwise, they would expand endlessly.

  2. Michael Says:

    beautiful! the self-similar nature of the infinitely recursive universe!

    anyway, how did you mesh and render these? using toxiclib.volumeutils? or sunflower? or did you import the point cloud into realflow?

    im looking for a way to render point clouds with the same smooth meshing system you’ve got here.


    • echoechonoisenoise Says:

      thx Michael,
      at that time i used volumeutils to create shapes, then meshLab to smooth it, and then 3dmax to render it and a little bit of photoshop… fortunately sine 0020 version of toxiclibs, there is laplacian smooth function available. i highly recommend volumeutils after working with most of available 3d packages.
      good luck!

      • Michael Says:

        awesome! ive been giving it a go with volumeutils. are you using a volume brush or are you setting voxels?

        i keep running into outofmemory errors… any chance you can supply me with the rendering part of your code?

        thanks again

      • echoechonoisenoise Says:

        increase the available memory in preferences to the limit! i don’t really have a rendering part, but check this .
        there is a nice implementation of C.Warnow’s sunflowAPIAPI.
        currently i’m working on GLSL. i will share the code once i have anything substantial. otherwise there are my openProcessing sketches available.

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